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May 27 2014 12:00AM
Congratulations !! Overall result of 12th Science Gujarati Medium is 98%.

May 27 2014 12:00AM
Congratulations !! Overall result of 12th Science English Medium is 96%.

Mar 29 2016 12:00AM

Admission started for next session i.e. 2016-17 in both the streams (Science & Commerce); both mediums (English & Gujarati).

Mar 29 2016 12:00AM

Grab the opportunity to study in Vadodara's first concept school !! Admissions open for session 2016-17.

Feb 24 2014 12:00AM
Congratulations!! all the members of JC Group for your new venture, 1st time in history of Vadodara “Advance Hi-Tech Scientific Lab” in School launched by Sapphire Global School at Waghodiya Road, Vadodara. Huge amount of crowd witnessed grand lunching of Sapphire Global School by Shri Dwarkeshlalji Maharaj on 23rd Feb 2014.


At J.C. Junior College we believe that young people come to school not only to achieve success in academic subjects but also to develop as people. Their time at secondary school will give them opportunities to learn about themselves, their community and the wider world. Citizenship and values Education gives our young people the tools to make the most of this journey.


The rationale behind this endeavor is the recognition of the multifaceted potential of the Junior College Students.


The Objective of I persona is to bring about the enhancement in the personality with regard to the different behavioral dimensions that have far reaching significance in the direction of individual’s effectiveness.

I persona includes activities that improve awareness and identity, develop talents and potential, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations.

Following activities are included in the I persona module

  • I- improving self awareness
  • I-improving self knowledge
  • I- dentity renewing
  • I-giniting hidden strengths
  • I- dentifying potential
  • I-mproving social abilities.

Students will have the learning experience in & out of the class room environment to develop their skills under the umbrella of

  • Different activities to increase their knowledge through quiz etc.
  • Increasing their observation & perception power
  • Nourishing their presence of mind like extempore.

Curriculum of I-persona

  • Jc Junior College - Class 11th

    Sr.No Topics Sub-Topics
    1 Introduce your self Practical work out of introduction on basis of situation.
    2 Self confidance Speech on various topic , anchoring on various function
    3 Think out of box Questions & Activities
    4 Describe Your Father/Mother/Friend/Sibling-if any Values, beliefs of their lives . role play
    5 Conscious/ Sub conscious state of mind Rapid fire question answers
    6 Dressing right for the right occassion Activity , funny stories, movie clippings
    7 General Etiquette Politeness, generiosity, mood
    8 Art of reading/ lisenting Comprehension , audio clipping analysis
    9 Body Language Basics, techniques of non-verbal communication, art of facial expression
    10 Importance of good manners & personality Habit formation and cultivation of good habits
    11 Expression Understanding own expression in various activates.
  • Jc Junior College - Class 12th

    Sr.No Topics Sub-Topics
    1 Art of Debating  Tips for debating, debate competition .
    2 Developing self esteem Values, beliefs, attitudes, confidance, self doubts, clarities
    3 Team Wrok games activities
    4 Fabricating Stories situtation oriented
    5 Story writing Situatuation oriented
    6 Art of G.D Social/ general/ current topic
    7 Role plays Mentioned below
    8 Book review on political, science, fiction, motivational story like. C.Bhagat, APJ, E-books
    9 Extempore Social/ general/ current topics
    10 Healthy Habits personal hygiene/Health care tips
    11 Stage habits/Phobia Activities on stage
  • Role Play

    Role play is a learning methodology that provides students with an opportunity to live the situation & act it out the as a live program. The activity imparts students with confidence & decision making power, it’s quite a fun to watch students enact the situation; students also love such activities & learn fast from them.

    Sr.No Topics
    1 Get angry with a( character) for losing a ring
    2 Call to order a pizza (wrong number……)
    3 Try your friend get rid of bad habits - junk food, beverages etc..
    4 Denial for a lift
    5 Bluff about your high contacts
    6 Occupations/Leaders
    7 Family and relationships..


    1. Students may take part in group or on individual basis.
    2. They have to perform in time limit.
    3. Topics may be given to students in advance or on the spot.
    4. Student can use their ideas, their own real life knowledge to support the Role Play.


  1. Syllabus subject to change as per current demand.
  2. At the End of Programme student will receive certificate of I-Persona.
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